mCLOUD Immersion Platform

The mCLOUD Immersion platform is an enterprise grade Internet of Things (IoT) engine, allowing users to effortlessly and securely watch, connect, control and manage edge devices, as well as interact with partner platforms.

This Platform as a Service (PaaS) ecosystem enables real-time connectivity and the collection of actionable data with analytics. mCLOUD consists of three core elements; 1) Edge based devices or sensors, 2) Cloud communications services and 3) Mobile or fixed devices with applications. These elements link through the patent pending Universal Connector (UC), as the connection manager, providing open APIs and automated firewall navigation.

mCLOUD provides:
- A robust messaging and video platform
- Ability to register, manage and control sensors and platforms
- Universal Connector & http(s):// end-point control
- API Integration and device on-boarding
- Remote system and firmware management
- Storage and processing
- Integrated security management
- Video and data analytics
- Application services

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Intelligent Stadiums

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Smart Cities

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The Connected Home

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In addition to utilizing mCLOUD as a Platform as a Service for developers and integrators, mTHINX provides a suite of turnkey services utilizing the mCLOUD PaaS to enable applications for multiple markets including; Hospitality and Entertainment, Transportation, Smart City, Home Automation, Manufacturing and many more.

News Center: mTHINX Launches mCLOUD Guest Immersion Platform

The new mCLOUD Guest Immersion platform is an open, modular and scalable solution to assist facility managers in delivering a deeper and more personalized experience for guests, while aggregating critical business data to drive new organizational processes. For more Information, click on chart.

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mTHINX Integrated Technologies, LLC is a leader in providing intelligent networking solutions to measure, control and aggregate data from edge devices. The intelligence in our solutions originates from the execution of patent pending visual content analytics, cloud connection technologies and mobile application development, delivered in a modular and cost-effective architecture.