Home Automation Solutions

The era of automation is reaching beyond the industrial environment into the home and small business space. Automation now touches everything from thermostats to locks on doors, interior and exterior lights, hot tubs and more. As a result of widespread smartphone and tablet adoption, the intelligent premise is rapidly moving towards consumer adoption, radically changing how homeowners interact with smart living and workspaces.

The easier home automation equipment is to install and connect, the faster consumers will adopt these solutions. The key enabler to this ecosystem is persistent and reliable connectivity. Many of these devices only connect to others of the same brand, and even when using the same technologies, they become isolated from other networks or the Internet. The result is a fragmented suite of applications, controllers and user interfaces.

The mCLOUD IoT Platform as a Service (PaaS) allows for DYI (Do It Yourself) or professional installers to effortlessly and securely connect, control and mange remote sensors throughout the premise, within a mesh network, using a single communications device.

For more information on how we can assist in enabling your communications ecosystem, please contact us at: contactus@mthinx.com.

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Home Automation Ecosystem with mCLOUD PaaS

Home Automation Figure