mCLOUD is an enterprise grade Internet of Things (IoT) framework, allowing users to effortlessly and securely watch, connect, control and manage what matters to them. This Platform as a Service (PaaS) ecosystem enables real-time connectivity and the collection of actionable data with analytics. mCLOUD consists of three core elements; 1) Edge based devices or sensors, 2) Cloud communications services and 3) Mobile or fixed devices with applications.Iron Triangle2  These elements link through our patent pending Universal Connector (UC), as the connection manager, providing open APIs and automated firewall navigation. The mCLOUD IoT Platform as a Service (PaaS) ecosystem enables real-time connectivity and actionable data with analytics. mCLOUD provides the following services:

Universal Connector

The mThinx Universal Connector© (UC) is designed to address the complexities of reliable and persistent connectivity, in a plug and play environment. The UC is an easy to use, blazing fast, enterprise grade connection manager, designed to interact with the Internet of Things (IoT) framework, enabling real-time connectivity. The UC meets the need for a single method for all connectable appliances from any manufacturer to speak with other devices in a multi-protocol environment. The Universal Connector family of connectors simplifies the process of managing dynamic device infrastructures to easily deploy devices and applications.

Activation and Configuration

Customers will benefit from easily on-boarding devices to the ecosystem through a quick and simple patent pending QR Code registration process. This process auto-navigates the router and seamlessly enables a smartphone or tablet to control a product within the mCLOUD ecosystem. This method of activating and configuring devices saves time, money and significantly reduces errors normally encountered when adding new edge devices.


Register, Manage and Control Devices on mCLOUD

The Universal Connector (UC) can reside on any device with as little as 2 MB of available memory, allowing users to manage and control the device from anywhere there is connectivity. Once registered to the mCLOUD ecosystem, any UC enabled device can control and manage any http(s)://endpoint device (anything with an API), regardless of the UC being installed on the endpoint device.

On-Boarding Devices

The process of on-boarding or ingesting the API of the endpoint device and registering it is made through the mCLOUD IoT Platform. The API is then made available to the local ecosystem of the customer’s account, enabling devices of both local and disparate ecosystems.

Onboarding diagram

Video Analytics

The Cameralytix line of video analytic solutions from mTHINX generates business intelligence for use within consumer and enterprise markets. Cameralytix is the combination of video and analytics at the edge of the network, generating metadata concerning a predefined event, allowing customers to take real-time action.

Retail Pharmacy

Data Analytics

Within mCLOUD and its subscription services, the metadata, as well as video if associated with the application, can be extracted for ad-hoc or defined reporting with analysis. Structured and unstructured data can be analyzed and reported on, providing critical data to assist in better managing business processes and outcomes.

Security, Storage and Processing

In support of security and device management, mCLOUD separates user data from network monitoring, management and configuration by implementing connectivity as an out of band management system. AES encryption is used for all communication, configuration, control of devices and network management data. This means the UC ensures communication between all accounts and device services are encrypted.

Micro App Services

Micro Apps are subscription service frameworks that are specific to the target markets; i.e. Home, Automotive, Industrial and Business. Within the subscription service, the focus is anything interacting across and within all markets. Each ecosystem is subdivided to WAN, LAN and WSN (or PAN). WAN represents access of the mCLOUD PaaS. In this case, mCLOUD is licensed as a White Label Private Cloud Service, deployed over a secured Intranet model. LAN represents access of the local ecosystem where the UC can perform gateway and http(s):// endpoint commands to devices within that local ecosystem and provide gateway services to WSN devices. Multiple offices as well as mobile devices or assets can be accessed, managed and controlled.